About institute

Head of Institute:

sc. prof.  Vilija Aleknevičienė

E-mail: vilija.alekneviciene@asu.lt

The Institute’s mission

to develop and share knowledge in economics, management and other related fields in order to achieve sustainable development; integrate our knowledge into economics, accounting and finance studies

The Institute’s aims are

  • to develop high-level scientific research and experimental (social, cultural) economic work, in other related fields in the area of social sciences, through cooperation with both local and foreign scientists; to develop and implement integrated scientific and research projects;
  • to execute studies in social sciences in economic, accounting, finance and other related fields providing a university degree corresponding to the level of modern knowledge and technologies based on scholarly knowledge and scientific research;
  • through cooperation with the social partners, both local and foreign institutions, ensuring a close link between theory and practice together generating innovations and ideas, as well as spreading scientific knowledge.


Institute of Economics, Accounting and Finance

Universiteto str. 10 – 323,
LT – LT-53361 Akademija,
Kaunas district
Phone: +370 37 752259
E-mail: eafi@asu.lt